Lim Young-woong offline, calm man online… The story of Jeju Front, promoting Jeju+K League on YouTube with 2.12 million subscribers

The keyword that embroidered the K-League edition in early April was famous singer Lim Young-woong. With the presence of Lim Young-woong, who took part as the 6th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ between FC Seoul and Daegu FC held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th, 45,007 spectators, the highest number of paying spectators, entered and created an A-match atmosphere. There were countless jokes such as ‘reverse proposition of the city axis, soccer shoe performance, fan club heroic age cleaning’, and so on. K-League football fans have come to the point where requests for “Lim Young-woong, please come to the team I support” are flooded. It was a week in which I realized the good influence a star had on the K-League.

Although it did not become a big topic because it was covered by the ‘Lim Young-woong Sichuan’, three days before Lim Young-woong visited Sangam, issues related to the K-League made a lot of noise online. ‘Calm Man’, who boasts 2.12 million subscribers, was captured by soccer fans wearing the orange home uniform of K-League 1 club Jeju United. On the back of the uniform, the name “Peace Man” and number 7 were also engraved. Webtoon writer Lee Mal-nyeon, nicknamed Calm Man, calmly read the story of a viewer in a personal broadcast on the 5th. The subscriber, who introduced himself as an employee at K-League Jeju, wrote in the letter, “I almost canceled my subscription to your channel a few years ago. I almost became your anti. It was because of your words denying my existence. Do you remember?” he wrote. 토토사이트

Here’s the story. The calm man appeared on a radio hosted by Bae Seong-jae in the past and talked about K-League-related topics and said, “There is no K-League team in Jeju.” Following the mistakes of ‘Jeonbuk Steelers’ and ‘There is a team in Suwon’, he denied the very existence of the Jeju club. Pro Jihyeon Hong of the Jeju club and Pro Ilkwon Won in charge of press and public relations, who are ‘big fans’ of the calm man, did not miss this opportunity. A PR letter pretending to be a protest was sent to the calm man. He said, “Now that I’ve reached a certain age, I can send a uniform as a gift. If you happen to come to Jeju Island, please come and watch our game. I am confident that I will truly fall in love with the K-League with a fun game.” Upon hearing this story, the calm man put on the uniform himself. He grumbled, “I don’t get tangerine from old men (like me),” but said, “I’ll wear it when I play soccer. Thank you.” Non-soccer fans who watched the video naturally encountered the existence of a club based in Jeju and the color of Jeju’s uniform. Furthermore, the K-League was promoted on a content channel with 2.12 million subscribers.

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