Mallorca CEO also mentioned ‘Lee Kang-in transfer impossible’… Ultimately, in the face of conflict

Lee Kang-in and his team Mallorca are heading towards a conflict.

On the 25th (Korean time), the Spanish media ‘Marca’ reported that ‘Lee Kang-in is not happy in Mallorca’ and that he is dissatisfied with the club’s behavior in rejecting all other team recruiting offers that came to him in the winter transfer market in January. ‘Mallorca management and coach Javier Aguirre don’t want to lose one of their top players. He leads the attack with Bedat Muriki with 2 goals and 4 assists in 1533 minutes. Clubs trying to recruit Lee Kang-in are in a situation where they have to pay a buyout amount of 17 million euros (22.8 billion won).”

Reporter Juanmi Sanchez, who is familiar with Mallorca news, also mentioned on social media that “Lee Kang-in is unable to accept Mallorca’s refusal of two important proposals.”

The Mallorca club’s ‘Lee Kang-in transfer ban’ policy was first reported on the 10th. <[Exclusive] Mallorca CEO ‘Lee Kang-in’s transfer is impossible’… “Happiness with each other, absolute player”> CEO Alfonso Diaz met with Sports Seoul alone at Visit Mallorca Estadi and referred to the interest of major European teams as “only a rumor” and said, “Lee Kang-in is our key player, and I know him well. . It is absolutely necessary for the goal (part 1) to remain. He also said many times that he was happy here. Right now, both the club and the players are happy.” He made an open statement that he would keep Lee Kang-in unconditionally this winter, sparing any mention of the buyout.

Lee Kang-in, who grew up as one of the main pillars of Korean football following Son Heung-min (Tottenham), debuted in the first professional team through La Liga Valencia in 2019. However, he failed to seize the opportunity consistently, so he settled in Mallorca last season, and hit a turning point by playing 30 league games (1 goal, 2 assists), 온라인바카라 the most in a single season in his career. He has been reborn as a leading player this season. He is playing as a built-in starter by upgrading his defensive power as well as his unique creative coordination of offense and defense using his left foot.

And as a member of the Korean national team at the World Cup in Qatar last year, he proved his worth, including the ‘Courier Delivery Cross’ helping Cho Kyu-sung’s header recovery goal in the second round of the group stage against Ghana. Naturally, Lee Kang-in’s stock price soared this winter. Newcastle and Aston Villa in the English Premier League (EPL), Burnley in the Championship (Part 2), and Pyejenoord in the Netherlands Eredivisie jumped into the race to recruit Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in has a contract with Mallorca until June 2025.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in seems to have grown horny about the Mallorca club blocking his career without properly negotiating. ‘Marka’ also reported that Lee Kang-in followed the club’s Instagram and unfollowed him.

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