Man Utd rascal ‘seen in shocking form’…return still unclear

Mason Greenwood has been spotted training with a personal trainer.

The Sun published a recent photo of Greenwood on Wednesday (Aug. 22), showing him working out with a personal trainer.

It’s hard to believe that Greenwood was once a professional soccer player. He looked like he hadn’t worked out in a long time and had lost muscle. His hair was disheveled and unkempt, but Greenwood hadn’t given up on his career, and he continued to train. 안전놀이터

Greenwood had been a highly touted prospect since he was a youngster. As he progressed through the club’s youth academy, he was recognized as the next big thing for the club and England, with his free-footed ability, neat positioning, and goal-scoring ability beyond his years.

But then, in January 2022, something happened: Greenwood was arrested on suspicion of raping and assaulting his girlfriend. It was shocking. Greenwood was investigated for a year but ultimately not convicted. In early February, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that it was dropping all charges against Greenwood. This was because his girlfriend had refused to testify against him, making it difficult to prove his crimes.

Following the prosecution’s announcement, United released a statement shortly after, saying, “We note the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service that all charges against Greenwood have been dropped. The club will now run its own process before deciding on its next steps and will make no further comment.”

Eric ten Hagh has met with Greenwood and spoken to him, and the club’s internal investigation is still ongoing. It is unlikely that Greenwood will be reinstated until the internal investigation is concluded. There are reportedly mixed feelings within the club about Greenwood’s return.

In terms of player value, Greenwood is still very good. Adding Greenwood to a team that doesn’t have a proper striker would be a huge boost. He also has tactical value as he can play as a right winger.

However, United is a club that takes its commercial image very seriously. Greenwood was not acquitted of rape. For a world-class club to take a chance on a player who has been accused of raping his girlfriend, Greenwood could be criticized for the rest of his career. This would also affect the club’s image.

There hasn’t been much news since the reports surfaced about the club’s divided opinions.

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