‘Maybe the last season’ Lee Geun-ho “Focus on each day… I will play the role of a senior officer”

I think we should do our best every day.”

‘Veteran striker’ Lee Geun-ho (38, Daegu FC), who is getting closer to retirement, is determined to face the 2023 season. Focus on the given day, 24 hours right now.

On the 4th, Lee Geun-ho, who went to Kagoshima, Japan, the site of the second winter training camp in Daegu, is sweating every day. ‘Vice-captain’ Lee Geun-ho, who is only four years older than Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon (42), is in a position where he has to improve his physical condition and play a role in integrating the team well in front.

The ‘dazzling’ last season is making Lee Keun-ho stronger. Daegu, which was fighting for relegation, decided to remain in the system of coach Choi Won-kwon, who appeared as a ‘fireman’. Lee Geun-ho, who met in Namhae, the first training camp before leaving Japan, said, “In 2022, there were many regrets. I want to record a lot of attack points in the upcoming season.”

But even so, “I am old now. Of course I want to develop. However, realistically, more emphasis is placed on maintaining good physical condition. I want to make good use of the experience I’ve had so far. I want to help the team both on and off the pitch.”

In fact, Lee Geun-ho, born in 1985, has reached an age where it is not strange to say ‘retire’. The time to put an end to his brilliant and long active career is approaching.

Lee Geun-ho, who entered the professional stage through Incheon United in 2004, moved to Daegu in 2007 and recorded 23 goals and 9 assists in 59 games in 2 seasons, and was the main character of the Daegu blast. He was selected as the K-League Best 11 for two consecutive years and was even honored to be selected for the national team. At that time, Daegu fans even gave him the nickname ‘Son of the Sun’ after focusing on the sun in the Daegu emblem.

Afterwards, Lee Keun-ho joined Jubilo Iwata and Gamba Osaka in the J-League and gained overseas experience. After returning to the K-League as a member of Ulsan in 2012, he continued to show off his skills while playing for Sangju Sangmu (military service), El Jaishi (Qatar), Jeonbuk, Jeju, and Gangwon. He moved to Ulsan in 2018 and played for three seasons, helping the team to win the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League. 카지노사이트

Lee Geun-ho, who transferred completely in January 2022 after playing on loan for a season in Daegu, said, “Every time I started the season in the past few years, I thought ‘this year is the last’. Even in the first season of his return to Daegu, he said to the house, ‘I will only do it for one year,’” he said. “But it is getting longer. Now my wife doesn’t believe me (I said that I will only do it this year) (laughs). He first said, ‘Let’s do this season together’ in Daegu. Thank you.”

He said, “I have no desire to forcefully drag (playing career). I try to run and run with the mindset to do my best every day. First of all, I will do my best until this year.”

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