‘Messi’s path=Miami’s path to history’; chance for a double on the heels of League Cup win

The “God of Soccer,” Lionel Messi, has given Inter Miami its first championship. The Argentine scored 10 goals and provided one assist in seven games in the North American League Cup to secure the club’s first title in its history. After a 1-1 draw with Nashville SC on the 20th, the championship came down to 11 penalty kicks in a 10-9 victory.

There’s a sports adage that no player is greater than the team, but Messi was greater than the team. The record that was created is staggering. Miami has now won its first five games by three or more goals in a row. With 22 goals in seven games, the team quickly surpassed the 22 goals Miami scored in 22 games in Major League Soccer (MLS) this season.

The League Cup is even more significant because it features teams from Mexico’s Liga. Miami faced Mexican powerhouse Cruz Azul in the group stage and won 2-1. They’ve since faced MLS teams, showing that they’re a force to be reckoned with when they return to the regular season.

The Messi effect has also spread to his teammates. Finnish international midfielder Robert Tyler has four goals and three assists in seven League Cup games. This compares to five goals and seven assists in 53 MLS games. It’s fair to say that Messi has made his teammates better.

The economic impact is also significant. According to ESPN, the average price of a ticket to a Miami home game has risen from $152 to $864. Some fans are even willing to pay extra to get in. Ticket prices for teams traveling to Messi’s home stadium are also on the rise.

“I think Miami won because Messi was there,” said Nashville head coach Gary Smith. I think just having him on the field is a huge psychological threat to the other team’s players. I think we would have won without him.”

Miami owner David Beckham said: “It’s been a tough time. There have been a lot of difficult days. We have to enjoy it now,” said Miami owner David Beckham, adding that he was delighted with the championship that Messi helped create.

There’s more to come. The US Open Cup, the league cup of MLS. On April 24, they will play FC Cincinnati in the quarterfinals. They started the competition before Messi joined and made it all the way to the quarterfinals on their own with a one-goal lead from the round of 64.

Coincidentally, it comes after the League Cup, which gives Messi extra motivation. Miami leads the all-time series against Cincinnati with four wins, one draw, and two losses. However, the last three matches have been less favorable, with one draw and two losses, scoring five goals and conceding eight.

It’s time for Messi to be the hero again. His former teammates at FC Barcelona, left back Jordi Alba and central midfielder Sergio Busquets, are also in the mix. 스포츠토토

If Miami beats Cincinnati in the U.S. Open Cup as well, they will face the winner of Houston Dynamo-Real Salt Lake in the final. Both Houston and Salt Lake are classified as MLS powerhouses. If Messi can reach the final and lead them to victory, he will have won two titles in his first year. Messi would be a pioneer in that he would have won a trophy that had never been won before.

Winning two titles

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