‘Munchan 2’ Ahn Jung-hwan took out an extreme ten-back card

Will extreme cards work?

The joys and sorrows of director Ahn Jung-hwan and director Hyun Young-min are mixed.

On the 5th at 7:40 pm, JTBC’s ‘Come Together and Kick 2’, the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup legend coach Ahn Jung-hwan and coach Hyun Young-min’s coaching match is announced, and the shooter is called. In particular, my heart is already beating when I hear that the record of ‘Somehow the Avengers’, which is continuing its undefeated streak of field training, is in an unprecedented crisis to be broken.

Geojedo winter field training ‘Somehow the Avengers’ will have a special match with ‘Ulsan H High’ led by coach Hyun Young-min. ‘Ulsan H High’ with a handicap will only have 9 players, and will replace all 8 field players in the first half and second half, so ‘Somehow Avengers’ will enter the game under slightly more favorable conditions.

However, the opponent is the strongest of the best high schools in the country with the record of winning the 2022 U17 Championship, winning the most junior championships in the K-League, winning the national high school soccer league three times, and winning the high school division three times in the National Sports Festival. In response, coach Ahn Jung-hwan brings out a ten-back with a strategy tailored to the opponent with powerful skills. With an extreme defensive strategy of defending in two lines of five players, they aimed for a counterattack after defending first. 안전놀이터

While expectations are gathering for the game management of ‘Somehow Avengers’, which has a numerical advantage, the class of the opposing team, which does not feel inferior in numbers, surprises those who see other plays. From the beginning of the first half, ‘Somehow the Avengers’ is struggling with the opponent’s forward pressure and it is difficult to touch the ball. Attention is focusing on whether the activities of Lim Nam-gyu and Ryu Eun-gyu, the solvers of the ‘Gyu-Gyu Line’, who have become more important than ever, can turn the atmosphere around.

On the other hand, a funny moment is captured when Dong-hyeon Kim, “Cicada Kim”, hugs the goalpost while in danger due to the fierce attack of the opponent. It is rumored that head coach Lee Dong-guk laughed at the conte-like scene, saying, “Are you fighting against the goal post now?”, and coach Ahn Jung-hwan also responded with an absurd response, saying, “Ew.”

The special match between ‘Somehow Avengers’ and ‘Ulsan H High School’ will be revealed at JTBC’s ‘Cold Together 2’, which airs today (5th) at 7:40 pm.

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