‘My first transfer’ Choi Ji-mook, “I was very worried… but I watched a lot of K-League 2”

Busan I-Park held a press conference for the 2023 season K-League winter field training media camp at Songjeong Hotel located in Haeundae-gu, Busan at 1:00 pm on the 9th. After the press conference of director Park Jin-seop, I had an interview with Choi Ji-mook.

Choi Ji-mook made his professional debut at Seongnam FC in the 2020 season. From his first season, Choi Ji-muk drew attention for his stable defense and left-footed defensive resources. He is an all-round resource. Choi Ji-mook has the versatility to digest not only the left back but also the center back of the three back. 

He was also called by coach Paulo Bento. Choi Ji-mook was included in the list for the Turkiye field training in January of last year and was selected for the A national team. 토토사이트 Although he didn’t make his A-match debut, it was a valuable experience for him. 

As a professional player, I moved my first team. Choi Ji-mook said, “When I first came, it was my first transfer, so I was very burdened and worried. When I arrived, I think it was easy to adapt to the coaches and coaches, and I knew a lot of my brothers and friends and knew a lot of my juniors.” told

Busan is a familiar city to Choi Ji-mook. He spent his middle and high school days and university life in Ulsan and traveled to and from Busan frequently. Choi Ji-mook expressed his closeness to the city of Busan, saying, “(Busan) was not at all repulsive, and I have been to it many times. I came to play many times when I was in college, and since Ulsan and Busan are close, it seems to be very close.”

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