‘New command tower’ Klinsman, now it’s time to answer directly

Jurgen Klinsmann (59), the national football team coach of the Republic of Korea, stepped on Korean soil.

Jurgen Klinsmann (59), coach of the Korean national soccer team, arrived at Incheon International Airport around 5 am on the 8th. 

On the 27th of last month, coach Klinsman, who took over the leadership following the success of coach Paulo Bento, will hold his first official press conference at 2:00 pm on the 9th at the Paju National Training Center (NFC).

There are numerous questions to be answered. On the 28th of last month, Michael Müller, the head of the national team’s power reinforcement committee, held a press conference on the appointment of manager Klinsman, but there are many questions that could not be answered clearly. 토토사이트

In particular, Chairman Müller talked about the process of appointing a coach and said, “In the last 2022 World Cup, only Klins participated as a member of the Power Strengthening Committee (TSG). I know that he evaluated and analyzed all games and approached Korean football with particular interest. Cha Doo-ri also “The topic of conversation must have been soccer. At the time, coach Klinsman asked Coach Doo-ri Cha about Korean soccer,” he said, giving a straightforward answer.

Cha Doo-ri’s biological father and chairman of the board, Cha Bum-geun, a legend of Korean football, also responded with embarrassment. After the 35th Cha Bum-geun Football Award Ceremony was over on the 2nd, Chairman Cha Bum-geun said, “I really didn’t know. I was embarrassed to be involved with my son (Cha Du-ri)” regarding coach Klinsman.

Now it’s Klinsman’s turn to answer. Cha Doo-ri, head of FC Seoul’s Youth Enhancement Office, has emerged as a candidate for a Korean coach to assist Klinsman, so the authenticity of the matter also drew attention from soccer fans.

Of course, there are more items to answer. Whether to continue the ‘leading football’ coach Paulo Bento has established over the past four years, or, as President Muller said, whether to play football that focuses on counterattacks in a new style, and how to resolve the long leadership career void. have to convince

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