“No trade for Ohtani, long-term contract with LAA” New York P

There is a prospect that the Los Angeles Angels will not trade Shohei Ohtani this season.

Contrary to the general perception that the Angels will trade Ohtani if ​​they judge that the possibility of advancing to the playoffs is slim this summer, they are rather trying to tie it to a long-term extension contract.

New York Post columnist John Heyman said on the 21st (Korean time), ‘The Angels have no plans to trade Ohtani. The article was titled ‘The odds are zero’.

“Regardless of where they are in the Rays this season, multiple sources have said the Angels are unlikely to trade Ohtani,” Heyman said. However, sources say Angels owner Art Moreno has rather adamantly shut down the trade plan.’

Heyman continued, “No one at the Angels club expects that stance to change anytime soon.” Moreno and his entourage did not give up hope of tying Ohtani to a long-term contract. Therefore, trade is impossible,’ he added.

This is unexpected news.

Even during spring training, owner Moreno drew attention by making a nuanced remark that Ohtani could be traded. In an interview with Sports Illustrated (SI) reporter Tom Verducci last month, Moreno said, “I’m telling you officially. We’re not trading Ohtani if ​​we’re in postseason competition.” In other words, you can trade when the postseason potential is gone.

Local media Bleacher Report also said at the time, “Ohtani is ahead of free agency, so it will be difficult to avoid the trade competition that briefly raised its head last year as it emerges as a real situation.” , San Diego Padres, New York Mets, and New York Yankees will come to mind first’.

If the Angels decide not to trade Ohtani, it’s no different than saying they’re confident of signing a contract extension this season or catching him in the free agent market after the season. However, the loss of failing to renew the free agent contract with Ohtani is incalculable. 토토사이트

In early August of last year, the Washington Nationals secured three minor league prospects and three key members of the major leagues when they sold Juan Soto to San Diego. Ohtani’s trade price is more than that. If you can’t catch Ohtani anyway, the general idea and strategy is to secure a number of top-class prospects through trade.

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