Ohtani’s $500 million ransom is basic → ‘soaring’ to $1 billion → Dodgers ace also recognized

How much should Shohei Ohtani’s ransom be paid? It seems like homework given to major league clubs in the US right now. The ransom price fluctuates with each passing day. They said it was 500 million dollars or 600 million dollars, but now there is talk of 1 billion dollars.

The person claiming $1 billion is an active player. It is Clayton Kershaw (36) of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He predicted that Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) would be valued at up to $1 billion.

$1 billion is truly unconventional. Of course, it is not the traded price, but the money that captures the market value as much as possible. In fact, Ohtani’s ransom soared to $600 million after leading Japan to win the WBC, which ended in March.

This is the highest ever, surpassing teammate Mike Trout’s 12-year, $426.5 million. No player has ever received $500 million. This is the situation in the major leagues, but not 500 million dollars, but 600 million dollars, even 1 billion dollars.

According to a report by the LA Times, prestigious clubs such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mets, San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, and San Diego Padres are currently queuing up before signing Ohtani.

Kershaw has no doubts about Ohtani’s worth. “Ohtani is a special player,” Kershaw told the LA Times. There is no comparable player in major league history. I’m sure he’ll sign the best contract ever. That is the conclusion that has already been decided at this point.” 토토사이트

“Each team has a certain amount they are willing to spend. As long as they think Ohtani will bring in revenue, he will. That number would be really high. Will it be $1 billion?” He predicted Ohtani’s potential value and even the recruitment effect. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Angels made about $10 million last season from Ohtani-related marketing.

How much is Ohtani really worth? $500 million is the default, and $600 million and $1 billion have come out. I wonder which team will be able to bet and catch. And his ransom is even more of a concern.

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