One more step to Barcelona Messi return! La Liga and FFP-related discussions in progress

Barcelona has moved one step further for the return of Lionel Messi (PSG).

British Sky Sports reported on the 18th that ‘Barcelona has inquired about financial fair play (FFP) with the La Liga secretariat in order to bring back Messi this summer’. This is a real and meaningful move for mesh comeback.

Messi left Barcelona due to another intention in 2021. A native of Barcelona Youth Team La Masia, he has played for Barcelona since his youth team. But in the summer of 2021, problems arose with Barcelona’s finances. La Liga’s percentage-type salary cap rules prevented his renewal. In the end, Messi headed to PSG as a free agent. It was a contract with an option for a one-year extension to his two-year contract. Messi’s two-year contract expires this summer. 안전놀이터

PSG is active in extending the contract with Messi. However, Messi’s reaction was cold. In particular, there was a recent incident in which PSG fans booed Messi during the game. Messi’s mind seems to have turned even more. In this situation, Barcelona came out again. The fact that Barcelona started discussions with La Liga means they are not repeating the mistakes they made two years ago. At the same time, it is also an expression of the will to bring Messi.

On the other hand, there are reports that have gone one step further. Spanish transfer market expert Gerard Romero said, ‘Barcelona and Messi have agreed to a transfer this summer. Primera Liga Tebas president is already aware of the agreement. I found a house in Barcelona, ​​and I’m even preparing to cut my annual salary,’ he reported.

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