Park Eun-sun’s ‘Last Dance’… “If I go to the World Cup in July, I really want to score a goal!”

In the history of soccer in Korea, the name Park Eun-seon (37, Seoul City Hall) makes people feel mixed. He was truly one of the players with many twists and turns, and it is because he lost around the age of 20, which is the age of greatest for an active player. As time went by and Park Eun-seon’s name faded away, he suddenly rose again. As a striker belonging to the women’s national soccer team with confidence.

Park Eun-sun announced her revival with ‘3 goals and 2 assists’ in the evaluation match against Zambia held in Korea on the 7th and 11th. In the second game, he scored multiple goals (2 goals), making the hearts of viewers watching the TV broadcast. He was the second coming of the forgotten ‘genius striker’ and ‘national treasure striker’.

Park Eun-seon, whom I met at a training center in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 19th, had a comfortable face. She seemed to enjoy the attention she was pouring in after the evaluation match. Park Eun-seon said, “I’m glad you’ve been looking for me (from the media) and showing interest,” she smiled brightly.

Park Eun-sun played almost full-time in the second game against Zambia. Although he gradually increased his playing time, it was an unconventional appointment. Even Park Eun-seon said, “Honestly, he didn’t even expect it at first.” He said, “After the national team meeting after the first game, I found out that I was going to start in the second game. It was very good,” he said. I remembered my mind at the time. Park Eun-sun scored a goal each with her legs and head in the second game, proving that Bell’s choice was correct. 토토사이트

Park Eun-seon was stunned last year when she was called by the coach of the Bell women’s national soccer team for the first time in seven years. Since she last wore the Taegeuk mark in 2015, her national team has felt far away. As she prepared for her retirement at one point, a clear goal filled him. “Let’s go to my third and last World Cup, let’s score goals!” The 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup will be held in July.

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