Played for 161 minutes and received 14.9 billion… 伊 The media was also shocked, “The ‘Pogba Rule’ is needed”

The salary per minute is close to 100 million won. Italian media also insisted that the case of Paul Pogba should not be repeated.

Pogba is injured again. Pogba was named in the starting lineup for the first time this season in the match between Juventus and Cremonese on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time). He underwent surgery for a meniscal problem, and after a long rehabilitation, he was finally ready to make the leap to Juventus’ starting lineup.

What held him back was an injured demon. Pogba went down after 22 minutes feeling something wrong with his leg. The medical team diagnosed that a replacement was required, and Pogba limped off the ground with his uniform covering his face.

In fact, the season is out. Juventus announced on their official website, “Pogba’s diagnostic tests revealed a low-grade injury to the rectus femoris muscle of his left thigh. He has already started a rehabilitation program.” However, he is unlikely to play again in the meantime, with only three games left in the season.

It’s unfortunate from a player’s point of view. But from the club’s point of view, it’s a headache. Juventus signed Pogba on a free transfer from Manchester United ahead of this season. As there was no transfer fee, Juventus promised Pogba a sufficient level of wages and bonuses.

As a result, it was a failure. According to ‘Capology’, a football economy site, Pogba receives an annual bonus of 2.56 million euros (about 3.7 billion won) in addition to a weekly wage of 197,308 euros (about 287.79 million won). Even if the bonus may change depending on whether or not to participate in the game, it is equivalent to receiving 10.26 million euros (approximately 14.9 billion won) in net annual salary alone.

Juventus threw money in the air for 161 minutes. Pogba played 161 minutes in 10 matches this season, including Serie A, UEFA Europa League (UEL) and Coppa Italia. During that time, he was injured 4 times.

The Italian media also expressed concern about this. Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport raised the need for the so-called ‘Pogba Rule’ on the 16th, saying, “We need a new rule to protect the club, even for Pogba’s case.” 메이저놀이터

It is argued that the player’s travel time and salary should be considered. The media said, “The rule is simple. For example, the more losses you have, the more you suffer from budget shortfalls, like Pogba, and the more difficult it is to guarantee adequate wages.”

“In the long run, the erosion of revenue can undermine the foundation of the club, and the players are at risk of injury. Therefore, it is appropriate to devise and implement a system to regulate this. Instead of relying on improvisation, it is better to build a system to prevent it. He explained that for the sustainability of the club, a system should be prepared to consider various variables of football players.

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