Pohang Steelers 50th anniversary ‘Orange Gold’ 2023 season uniform unveiled

Pohang Steelers unveiled the 2023 season uniform ‘The era of ORANGE GOLD’ to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding.

The Pohang Steelers’ uniform this season, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, was designed with inspiration from the orange color of the Pohang Steelers’ soccer team’s uniform at the time of its foundation. The color ‘orange gold’, which combines the orange light emitted by molten iron and the gold symbolizing the club’s 50-year history, was used as the key color for this uniform design.

The key art, subtly designed on the front of the uniform, was composed by reinterpreting the shape of the surface of the molten iron in the furnace as a pattern. 슬롯사이트 Within the pattern, graphics representing the 50-year history of the club were placed to add meaning.

Based on this, the home uniform has been designed with black red stripes, the traditional color of Pohang Steelers since 1984. The away uniform is harmoniously arranged with black and red stripes in orange gold, the key color this season, on a white background according to the regulations.

A special kit was also produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding. This special kit is characterized by restoring the color of the uniform in the first year of its foundation. The emblem on the left chest was designed with inspiration from the emblem of the Pohang Iron and Steel Football Team, which was used in the uniform in the first year of its founding. The 50th anniversary special kit will be worn for the first time by the Pohang team at the 2023 K League 1 Round 15 Pohang home game, which is being prepared as a 50th anniversary match.

This season’s Pohang Steelers uniform is in collaboration with ‘Over the Pitch’, a football culture brand that is active under the motto of “even the culture beyond the soccer field” under the support of ‘Puma’, which has been with Pohang as a kit sponsor for the third year from 2021. It was made.

This uniform draws attention by producing a pictorial using a professional model. As it is a specially designed uniform for the 50th anniversary, we tried to express the identity of Pohang Steelers, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, by using flames and orange lighting reminiscent of a steel mill. In addition, the founding uniform worn 50 years ago was used together in the pictorial to add meaning.

Pohang Steelers uniforms for the 2023 season commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding can be ordered through the club’s official online shopping mall from 4:00 pm on the 11th. Details, including pricing, can be found on the product detail page in the online shopping mall. However, the 50th anniversary special kit will be sold from early May.

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