President’s persuasion is also ‘useless’… Kim Min-jae, eventually breaking up with Naples ‘imminent’

The transfer is getting closer despite the president’s persuasion.

Italian media ‘Tuto Napoli’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Chairman Aurelio de Laurentis tried to persuade Kim Min-jae to stay, but it didn’t work.”

As soon as Kim Min-jae joined Napoli ahead of this season, he took the starting lineup. He outplayed his opponents with his excellent defensive intelligence and strong physical condition. About two months after his Serie A debut, he was also awarded the ‘League Player of the Month’ award. He appeared in 43 matches in all competitions, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists. In the end, he contributed to a new history of winning Serie A for the first time in 33 years.

Naturally, interest from big clubs poured in. Manchester United, Manchester City (above England) and Paris Saint-Germain (France) were linked.

Napoli is making all-out efforts to retain Kim Min-jae. It is the position that the main defender who played a decisive role in the championship cannot be missed.

However, the buyout amount of 60 million euros (approximately 87.4 billion won) got in the way. Chairman Laurentis asked Min-jae Kim to delete the buyout, but it was not accepted. If the other team pays this amount, you have no choice but to let it go. 토스카지노

It seems that you have already made up your mind. The media reported that Kim Min-jae wanted an adventure, and that other clubs were tempting him with better salaries than Napoli. So far, the most likely next destination is Manchester United.

On the other hand, Napoli is having a busy day in preparation for the departure of the main axis, while the joy of winning the championship is short-lived. Already, not only Kim Min-jae, but also Victor Osimen, who leads the league in scoring, and Hvica Kvarachhelia, who recorded 14 goals and 17 assists (39 games) this season, are embroiled in transfer rumors. If he doesn’t, there’s a good chance he’ll have a tough next season.

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