Rendon suspended for 5 games after grabbing a fan by the collar and punching him

Anthony Rendon of the Los Angeles Angels was suspended for punching a fan. 

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat announced on the 4th (Korean time) that Rendon would be suspended for five games.

Rendon started as a 4th hitter and 3rd baseman in the 2023 major league opening game against the Oakland Athletics on the 31st of last month, and was sluggish with no hits in 3 at bats. On this day, the Angels lost 1-2 even though Shohei Ohtani, who played as the third hitter and pitcher, pitched well with 2 hits and 10 strikeouts in 6 innings.

The problem arose after the match. Rendon, who was leaving the stadium, got into a fight after hearing abusive language from a fan wearing an Auckland cap and uniform. In response, Rendon grabbed the spectator on the railing by the collar, pulled him, and at the end even brandished his fist. As the fan avoided the body, it did not lead to an assault, but this appearance was captured in a video and spread on social media. 

According to local foreign media, when an Auckland fan insulted Rendon, Rendon, who was enraged by this, also had an argument with abusive language. MLB said it was “looking into this matter.” Eventually, five days later, MLB suspended Rendon for five games.  바카라사이트

Rendon, who made his big league debut at the Washington Nationals in 2013, led Washington to win the World Series with a high batting average of 0.319, 34 homers and 126 RBIs in 2019, and signed a 7-year, 245 million dollar contract with the Angels. signed and moved. 

But Rendon never played full-time with the Angels. Last year, he only participated in 47 games due to an ankle injury. In his three years in the Angels uniform, he is not living up to expectations with a batting average of 0.252, 20 homers and 89 RBIs. 

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