“Running again” Notice of Doosan foot baseball revival, spearhead is Soo-bin Su

Su-bin Su (33) announced the revival of Doosan’s track and field team.

Subin Sue showed the standard of baseball by recording 31 steals in the 2011 season, 24 steals in the 2012 season, 23 steals in the 2013 season, and 32 steals in the 2014 season. However, since the 2015 season, Su-bin’s number of stolen bases has drastically decreased. He did not record 20 steals in any season except for the 2019 season (26 steals). As his team colors leaned toward offense, he naturally played less. As for Soo-bin, even the attempts were reduced.

But not this year. With the arrival of a new 3rd base strategy coach Jeong Su-seong, playing baseball is expected to revive.

Doosan made a name for itself in the mid-to-late 2000s with foot baseball. At that time, Lee Jong-wook, Go Young-min, Min Byeong-hun, Oh Jae-won and other fast-footed runners shook the opponent’s battery. That’s how I took control of the atmosphere and won the victory. The foot baseball of those days will be shown in front of the fans again.

Subin Sue said, “Even though I was playing as a player, when I looked at coach Jung Soo-seong, I thought that he was better at running. You have to prepare well for it,” he said.

“In fact, in recent years, the team’s style has focused on the bat and has not run often, so the sense of stealing has decreased. This year, we must prepare to make many attempts,” he emphasized.

Since he is over 30 years old, attempting to steal bases inevitably carries a physical burden. This is a fact that Soobin is well aware of. He said, “There is a physical burden, of course. However, baseball is the direction the team wants to run. It needs to play one more base. I think you will play tactical baseball a lot. You have to prepare to play again according to that.” seemed

To steal, you need to get on base. Looking at Su-bin Su’s performance last year, he had a batting average of 0.259 and an on-base percentage of 0.323. He definitely needs to get better. After signing a 6-year, 5.6 billion won FA contract in 2021, he suffered from sluggishness for two consecutive years.

Subin Sue said, “The most ultimate goal is to show baseball that consistently goes out from the first batter’s seat and runs.” The reason why I often changed my batting posture was to keep trying even if I failed to get better at baseball. This time, I am continuing to practice with the good batting feeling I had in the second half of last year. If it doesn’t work out in the middle of the season, I can change it, but for now, I can change my batting posture as much as possible and get a good shot. The goal is to keep the senses,” he said with strength. 먹튀검증

The advice of hitting coach Goto is also a great help. He said, “I talked with coach Goto, and he assured me that ‘I am practicing properly’. He said that he liked it, so I believed in that part, and I also believed in myself, and I was convinced that ‘I am doing in a good direction’. He said, “It’s a style that goes up slowly from the beginning. This year, I will try to do well from the beginning.”

Doosan ended the season early, finishing in ninth place in the league in the 2022 season. As many things have changed ahead of the 2023 season, Su-bin Su was confident of rebounding in the team rankings.

Subin Sue said, “Hasn’t the team done well so far? It’s not easy to go to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years. We are proud that we are the first. Last year, I have the idea that I took a short break. Coach, coach, and (Yang) Eui-ji hyung. The atmosphere of the team has changed a lot because they are new to the team. It has definitely improved. We are ready to rise again from this year.”

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