‘Sex offender’ Greenwood → ‘The Korean transfer market is open’ Eyes

Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood is currently unable to train with the team. Although he was indicted as a sex offender and acquitted thanks to the indictment being dropped after a year, it is because public opinion within the team is not good.

However, a British media outlet said that there are teams that have inquired about Greenwood’s lease. Korea also sent out an article saying that there is a possibility because the transfer market is open.

The Sun published an article on the 3rd titled ‘Mason Greenwood’s potential new league, Manchester United receiving inquiries from Europe’s best clubs’. It is understandable that Greenwood, who was Manchester United’s new star, was bitten by a club in Europe.

However, at the end of this article, it attracted attention by mentioning that the transfer market in the United States, Japan, and Korea has not yet closed. Of course, the Korean team has no intention of recruiting Greenwood, and there is no way that Greenwood will come to Korea.

The Sun cited a report by the British Telegraph. Currently, the team that has expressed interest in moving Greenwood is that clubs in countries where Turkiye and the transfer market are open are known to be inquiring about a loan deal for Greenwood.

Countries that currently have open transfer windows include the MLS in the United States, Japan and South Korea. mma 토토

If there is a team that really made an inquiry among these three countries, it is likely to be the United States. Of course, Man United inquires about Greenwood’s scout, but they say they are not pushing for a contract with the team.

Greenwood currently earns around £100,000 a week. The contract is until 2025. Greenwood still wants to play for Manchester United.

So Greenwood contacted some United players last month and met secretly. According to media reports, Greenwood contacted them first via phone and social media.

Among the players he contacted were teammates he had known since their academy days, but also older, married players with children. It is said that his colleagues met him privately to hear Greenwood in person so he could make up his mind.

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