Simultaneous replacement of 3 players who changed the flow of Real Gimcheon… What is the intention of coach Lee Ki-hyung?

This season, Seongnam FC has become a team that does not collapse easily. It is becoming more and more a team.

Seongnam recorded a 2-2 draw with Kim Cheon in the 12th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex at 6:30 pm on the 7th. With one point, Seongnam maintained 7th place in the league.

Seongnam was dragged away as Kim Min-jun conceded a goal in the early hours. Seongnam raised the line and went aggressive, but was pushed back in the midfield fight. They could not break through Lee Young-jae, Kim Jin-gyu, and Kim Dong-hyeon in the Gimcheon midfield lineup, which is no different from the lineup of the national team. The attack was directed to the side as the pass was not made in the midfield, but Shin Jae-won was sorry for the touch, and Chris breakthrough was repeatedly blocked. In the end, Seongnam finished the first half without a chance.

Director Lee Ki-hyeong pulled out the knife. After the start of the second half, three players were removed. Kim Hoon-min, Shin Jae-won, and Kim Hyun-tae went out. Kim Hoon-min and Shin Jae-won were on the right line, and Kim Hyeon-tae was a defensive midfielder who actively moved back and forth between midfield and defense. The right line lacked destructive power, and Kim Hyun-tae was uneasy. In response, coach Lee Gi-hyeong replaced Lee Ji-hoon and Jeong Han-min to change the right line, and secured midfield mobility by adding Park Sang-hyuk with Kwon Soon-hyung replacing Kim Hyeon-tae.

The effect came right away. After the second half started, Seongnam made a corner kick, and Patrick scored a header after Park Sang-hyeok’s corner kick. Park Sang-hyuk entered the team and the midfield competitiveness improved compared to the first half, and Kwon Soon-hyung went down to create a sense of stability. The right line built by Lee Ji-hoon and Jeong Han-min was more powerful than the previous combination. Then, Denilson was put in to add strength to the forefront. They conceded a goal to Kim Dong-hyeon, but Jeong Han-min immediately scored the equalizer, making it 2-2 again.

Park Sang-hyeok, who assisted Patrick’s goal, and Jung Han-min, who scored the equalizer to bring the flow back, were all substitutes in the second half. Even though they didn’t win, it was definitely encouraging for Seongnam to completely equalize the flow in the second half and follow it to the end to get points. The match was so intense that I couldn’t take my eyes off it until the end. This is why Seongnam’s home fans applauded even if they didn’t win. 토토사이트

In a press conference after the game, coach Lee Ki-hyung also said of the substitution that had a decisive influence on the change in flow, “I was outnumbered because the formation was 5-4-1. It was a pity from the side. That’s our team’s strong point. No matter who joins, we have faith and confidence to do more than that. That part came out well,” he expressed satisfaction.

The comment, “No matter who enters, there is faith and confidence” stood out. Although the ranking is in the middle, the sentence reflects the situation of Seongnam, which is cruising as an original team with only 1 loss in the last 6 games.

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