Son Heung-min, 6 goals in 6 games against Aston Villa, will he show his natural instinct again?

Can Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham) save the team by scoring a goal against Aston Villa, who has reigned as his natural enemy?

Tottenham will go on an expedition to Aston Villa, which is competing to advance to the European stage next season. The key player is definitely Son Heung-min.

After his PL debut, Son Heung-min recorded 6 goals and 1 assist while playing in 6 games against Aston Villa, playing an active role as a natural enemy. In particular, he exploded a whopping five goals in just two away matches. This is why attention is focused on whether Son Heung-min, who showed off his keen sense of goal at Villa Park, the home stadium of Aston Villa, will be able to score more goals this time.

The match between Tottenham and Aston Villa in the 36th round of the 2022-23 Premier League, which will be held on the 13th at 11:00 pm (Korean time), is a very important match as a competition for ranking within the 6th place, which is the last line to advance to the Europa League. Before the match, Tottenham are in 6th place with 57 points, while Aston Villa are in 8th place with 54 points. However, the difference in points is only 3 points, so the rankings of all three teams, including 7th place Brighton and Hove Albion, can change at any time.
For Tottenham, whose chances of competing for 4th place, the right to qualify for the Champions League, have virtually disappeared, 6th place, which is the right to qualify for the Europa League, is a goal that must be achieved even for the sake of enduring beauty.

Son Heung-min has many good memories from the Villa Park expedition. During the 2019-20 PL Round 26 match, he scored multiple goals and led the team to a 3-2 victory. In the 2021-22 season PL round 32, he led a 4-0 win alone with a hat trick. 먹튀검증

In their first meeting of the season, Unai Emery’s Aston Villa beat Tottenham 2-0. On the other hand, recently, Tottenham escaped from a draw in 5 games with a victory over Crystal Palace and rebounded the atmosphere, while Aston Villa, who ran an undefeated streak of 10 games, lost 2 consecutive games in the most recent 2 matches.

In the end, a match with 6 points was concluded, and it became very important whether Son Heung-min, who was strong against Aston Villa, could score a goal.

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