‘Spring of Football’ has arrived in Gwangyang, Jeonnam holds the largest paid audience for the K-League 2 opening game

Although they tasted a loss that left them regretful, the Jeonnam Dragons were able to have hope for the 2023 season by looking at the stands. This is because it recorded the largest number of paid spectators among the six matches that took place in the first round of K League 2.

Jeonnam, led by coach Lee Minister, lost 0-1 against FC Anyang in the first round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 at 1:30 pm on the 1st at the Gwangyang Soccer Stadium. Jeonnam fought fiercely with Anyang in the game that day, but they had to lose unfortunately as they conceded a goal to Anyang striker Jonathan just before the end.

It is regrettable that we could not bring victory points, but on this day, Jeonnam officials were able to confirm a significant change in the stands. Fans who watched this game on TV would have felt it, but they would have been surprised to see so many local soccer fans visiting the Gwangyang soccer stadium to cheer for Jeonnam.

This is also confirmed by the figures, and Jeonnam recorded the highest number of paying spectators in the first round of the K-League 2. A total of 4,890 people gathered. Chungnam Asan-Gimcheon Sangmu (4,422) and Seoul E-Land-Chungbuk Cheongju (4,249) matches came close to this record, but could not surpass Jeonnam-Anyang.

According to a Jeonnam official, it was not easy to attract spectators that day. Although the game was held on the occasion of the March 1st holiday, there were not many people left at the Gwangyang Works that day. Rumor has it that parent company POSCO gave its employees recommended vacation until this weekend. Considering the circumstances of the place where the majority of foreigners working at the Gwangyang Steelworks are located, they are more likely to leave Gwangyang and enjoy their hometowns or vacation plans in other places. So, one Jeonnam official worried, “I hope at least 2,000 people come.” But surprisingly, close to 5,000 fans came to the stadium and cheered Jeonnam enthusiastically.

The reaction from the fans was also very good. 토토사이트 I couldn’t feel the traditional color of Jeonnam, which is focused on practicality aiming for results. With fast and bold attacking football centered on Valdivia, they made their hands sweaty until the end. Although he lost by conceding a goal to Jonathan at the end of the game, the fans were enthusiastic about Lee’s attack soccer, saying, ‘I will play attack football so fiercely that I won’t have time to look at my cell phone’. Only the result was disappointing, but the atmosphere of Jeonnam’s first opening game of the 2023 season was a great success.

Now that they have shown what kind of football they will give fans pleasure in the future, Jeonnam has taken up the homework to make fans more happy by creating results that match it. Jeonnam started preparing for the second round immediately to shake off the disappointment of the match against Anyang. Jeonnam prepares for another home game against Gyeongnam FC in the second round scheduled at the Gwangyang Soccer Stadium on March 5 at 4:00.

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