Super Agent Boras’ ‘Lee Jung-hoo Sales’ begins

Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom Heroes), who is trying to advance to the US Major League (MLB), joined hands with ‘super agent’ Scott Boras (71). 

Columnist John Heyman of the US New York Post reported on the 25th (Korean time) that “Lee Jung-hoo, who is the MVP of the KBO League and is challenging the US stage after this season, has appointed Boras as his agent.”

After the end of the 2023 season, Lee Jung-hoo announced his intention to challenge the MLB through the posting system (private competitive bidding). His team Kiwoom also accepted this earlier this year. Lee Jung-hoo, who belongs to the domestic agency Rico Sports, sought a bigger agency to advance into the US, and decided to join the US challenge with the largest Boras Corporation.

Boras is known as the ‘Devil’s Agent’ to MLB clubs. 토토사이트 This is because he has many superstars as his clients and has led several super-large contracts with his unique bargaining power. Contrary to the club’s evaluation, Boras is known to players as a ‘reliable agent’ who leads large contracts. 

Boras is familiar to domestic baseball fans as he signed a large-scale contract with Park Chan-ho and Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto Blue Jays). Boras also won a 7-year, $130 million (160.4 billion won) ‘Jackpot Contract’ signed by Choo Shin-soo with the Texas Rangers at the end of 2013. Shim Jun-seok (19, Deoksu High School), a promising fastball player who recently signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, also challenged the American stage through Boras.  

As Lee Jung-hoo accompanies Boras, attention is also focused on the size of the contract. Coming from the previous KBO League, the largest contract at the time of entering the major leagues was 6 years and 36 million dollars (44.4 billion won) signed by Ryu Hyun-jin with the Dodgers in 2013. We are looking forward to seeing if Lee Jung-hoo can break through this amount. 

In the US, interest in Lee Jung-hoo is already hot. Many MLB officials are expected to visit Kiwoom’s spring camp and watch Lee Jung-hoo.

Lee Jung-hoo left for LA on the 9th and is training at a local training center. He plans to join the WBC baseball team joint training held in Tucson, Arizona on February 15 after digesting the club camp from February 1st.  

With Boras as the agent, ‘Lee Jung-hoo Sales’ is expected to become more full-fledged. Lee Jung-hoo’s overseas expansion challenge has begun in earnest.

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