‘Suspicion of perpetrating school violence by son’ Team B leader… Notice of ‘firm action’ according to the results of the school violence committee

The KBO League has been noisy again since the beginning of this year due to the issue of school violence (school violence). The participation in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) of Woo-jin An (Kiwoom Heroes), who is at the top of the league in terms of skill, emerged as a ‘hot potato’ and was forgiven by the victim, but Kim Yoo-seong (Doosan Bears), who was already stigmatized, debuted on the first team stage. year rekindled the issue.

Again, it’s a class. At a prestigious baseball high school in Seoul, player A was continuously assaulted by three of his teammates. The extent of the assault damage that Group A claims is serious.

A few days ago, related facts began to spread among baseball fans. This is because rumors that the incumbent professional baseball team leader was included were an established fact. In fact, C, the son of team B’s leader, was named as one of the perpetrators. Group A’s side claims that ‘the leader’s son’, Army C, led the bullying.

Team B was also aware of this. An official from the club said, “From what I heard from the general manager, it seems that there is a difference of opinion among the students. As far as I know, the School Violence Committee has not been held. It is difficult to convey the club’s position at the stage where the investigation is being conducted.”

The club believes that if clear facts are not revealed in the school’s own investigation, a ‘conclusion’ will come from the district education office. It seems that measures such as expressing a position will be taken after that. An official said, “At this point, we are only watching seriously.” It was also said that the initial report seemed to have conveyed only one-sided stance.

It is said that the head of Team B also nailed it to the club, saying, “If the facts of school violence are revealed, I will start taking off my (son’s) uniform.” Team B’s team leader will have no choice but to trust his son’s words at this point. 토스카지노

The results of the survey are also important. The problem is that even the son of the head of the front desk of the baseball team is accused of committing school violence, and baseball fans are feeling tired of sensitive issues again. Already among the baseball community, the new image of Group C is circulating, and of course, criticism is pouring out towards the B team leader and B team. A mixture of sarcasm and ridicule.

A club official said in a phone call with this magazine, “I want you to look at it as objectively as possible.” he takes a step back If C’s abusive behavior turns out to be true, it seems that baseball fans will convey a convincing stance.

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