‘Suwon’s King SEO’ director Seo Jung-won’s sincerity “I know how the fans feel

“I understand the fans’ feelings, but I think it’s time to support them.”

‘Suwon Legend’ head coach Seo Jeong-won (52) brought Chengdu Rongcheng from the Chinese Super League (second division) to the Super League (first division), creating a ‘SEO frenzy’ in China. Coach Seo, who was in his third year as a Chinese leader, chose his home country as a field training ground.

The accommodation is a hotel in Suwon. Coach Seo, who met with ‘SpotTV News’ during the tight practice schedule, said, “I visited Korea for the first time in a while, but I can’t afford it. He is preoccupied with a tight battery training schedule. It’s hard to take personal time,” he said. “Coming back to Suwon, I have a lot of thoughts about the past. It is the ointment of a team with a lot of emotions. Didn’t you spend a lot of time?”

More than 10 years in years alone. Coach Seo built a connection with Suwon as a legend in name and reality since his days as a player. After his retirement, he returned to Suwon as a coach. From the 2013 season, he took over as head coach and led Suwon for six years. In 2016, he won the FA Cup and held the trophy, which was Suwon’s long-cherished dream, in his arms.

Coach Seo, who recalled his days in Suwon, said, “Suwon is a team that makes the players feel something that cannot be expressed. can’t be explained in words It is strangely very affectionate. Players who have experienced other teams also say similar things.”

After Seo’s coaching days, Suwon struggled in the K-League. He failed to qualify for the top division even once, and his reputation as a ‘football star’ was cracked. Although he saved his face by winning the FA Cup in 2019, he has continued every season in a fairly cluttered atmosphere such as frequent manager changes.

They even went through a relegation crisis last year. After an extended match against FC Anyang in the second leg of the promotion playoff (PO), they managed to survive in the K League 1. Coach Seo, who watched the game at the time, said, “It hurt like a lump in a corner of my heart. Isn’t it a team that can be forgotten just because the body has left? We are still together in our hearts,” he said, expressing his feelings at the time. 카지노사이트

Survival was successful, but the crisis in Suwon continued. In this year’s K-League, Suwon ranked 11th with 2 draws and 3 losses in 5 matches. Enraged Suwon fans blocked the bus and expressed their dissatisfaction after losing home games to Suwon FC, Suwon Derby, and Daejeon Hana Citizen. It was not only the result of this season’s game, but also a bitter cry towards the team that was unable to escape the sluggish bondage.

Fans even proceeded with a cheering boycott with a hanging in the sense of protesting at the club front in the home game against Gangwon FC on the 2nd. Suwon current head coach Lee Byeong-geun also emphasized the importance of giving strength to the players, saying, “We need the support of the fans.”

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