Take off the mask and go to the 123rd floor in one month… 2,000 attend Lotte Sky Run

Lotte Corporation announced on the 23rd that about 2,000 people, the largest ever, participated in the ‘2023 Skyrun’ competition held on the 22nd.

Sky Run is a vertical marathon competition in which people jump up 2,917 steps from the 1st floor of Lotte World Tower to the 123rd floor observatory.

Lotte C&T has been holding it every spring since 2017, but this year, it was the first face-to-face race without a mask since the corona pandemic, so it was held on the largest scale ever.

Countries around the world, including the United States, China, and Japan, participated, and the youngest participant at the age of 5 and the oldest participant at the age of 81, born in 2017 when Lotte World Tower opened, also drew attention.

“The purpose of the contest is to create meaningful experiences for all ages, regardless of age,” said Ryu Je-don, CEO of Lotte Corporation. 메이저놀이터

In the men’s category, Kim Chang-hyeon, who jumped to the 123rd floor in 19 minutes and 46 seconds, and in the women’s category, Jung Hye-ran, who set a record of 24 minutes and 28 seconds, took first place.

A certificate in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) will be issued to the finisher.

On this day, Lotte will also hold the ‘Lotte Family Vertical Marathon,’ in which executives and employees of 48 affiliates and their families participate.

In this event, 10,000 won is accumulated for each participant who completes the race, and donated to a rehabilitation treatment program for children suffering from walking difficulties.

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