That’s a PK? It was a bad call, but we overcame it with a win.

By PARK Joo-seong Reporter= It was a close call, but a victory.

Kim Eun-joong’s U-20 team earned a 2-1 victory over France in their first Group F match at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023 at the Mendoza Stadium in Argentina at 3 a.m. KST on Wednesday.

South Korea made short work of the favorites, France. South Korea took the lead in the 22nd minute when Lee Seung-won converted a pass from Kim Yong-hak on the counterattack, but that wasn’t the end of it. In the 19th minute of the second half, Lee Seung-won’s cross was headed home by Lee Young-joon.

France got desperate. They utilized three substitutions in the second 20 minutes to push Korea harder. Finally, in the 25th minute, France had a chance to score an equalizer. However, the referee was not kind. Goalkeeper Kim Jun-hong and Efekeler collided in a contest and went down, and a penalty kick was awarded. Kim Jun-hong was even warned. 안전놀이터

From the referee’s point of view, the goalkeeper made an unreasonable challenge. It’s incomprehensible that a foul was called on the goalkeeper when the ball was undetermined. In the end, Virginius converted the penalty to give France a one-goal lead.

“The collision was not intentional during the contested crossing situation, but the referee called a foul on Kim Jun-Hong because the collision occurred after the ball had passed,” explains FIFA’s official website. It was an incomprehensible call, but the damage was done.

France then went on the offensive, looking for an equalizer. Despite the unfair call, the French goalkeeper made a solid save. He stopped several threatening shots to preserve Korea’s victory. Despite the unfortunate call, the young Taeguk Warriors overcame it with a victory.

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