The first step into the K-League Hall of Fame, the person to be inducted and the way forward

It’s been 40 years, but it’s too late. The K-League finally held a commemorative ceremony after selecting the inductees of the ‘Hall of Fame’ that should be really remembered and admired.

What is the path forward at the beautiful and meaningful K-League Hall of Fame induction ceremony?

On the 2nd, the first K-League Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held at Ambassador Seoul Pullman, Jung-gu, Seoul.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the start of the K-League in 1983, the Professional Football Federation created the Hall of Fame, which has been in need for so long. Choi Soon-ho, Hong Myung-bo, Shin Tae-yong, and Lee Dong-guk were selected in the athlete category through screening and voting as the first inductees this time. Kim Jong-nam was selected in the leader category and Park Tae-joon, the late POSCO honorary chairman, was selected in the contributor category.

This is the aspect of the first inductees that no one will disagree with. All of them made distinct achievements in the K-League, and their existence itself was the pride of the K-League. It was only one episode, and once in the first episode, it was decided to divide the players into 1st to 4th generations and only one person per generation, so the number was limited, but there are still more people to be inducted.

Kim Byung-ji with the most appearances (706 games), MVP, Rookie of the Year, Kim Joo-seong who swept the Best 11 5 times, Shin Eui-son who eliminated the foreign goalkeeper system, Dejan, who scored the most goals by a foreign player (198 goals) and was the top scorer 3 times, and was active, but won the most all-time ( Episode 9) Choi Cheol-soon and other players are reserved for inclusion in the Hall of Fame Ceremony, which will be held once every two years.

What path should the K-League Hall of Fame, which had a good start, take to become more prestigious and recognized?

The first thing to remember is that it is the ‘K League’ Hall of Fame, not the ‘Korean Football’ Hall of Fame. The records and achievements shown in the K-League are important, but should be distinguished from the achievements shown in the national team, FA Cup, and Asian Champions League. Of course, in the case of the FA Cup and Asian Champions League, it is fair to say that he participated in the K-League anyway, but it is difficult to think that he is eligible for inclusion in the Hall of Fame just because he did well in the national team.

In addition, players who played in the K-League but built important careers abroad are unfortunately difficult to be inducted into the K-League Hall of Fame. It is true that the K-League has become a stepping stone, but it is not the K-League that has accumulated achievements.

In this way, the faces of players who are very outstanding but have difficulty in being inducted into the K-League Hall of Fame will emerge. Standards must be clearly divided.

▶Standards to be strict

The Hall of Fame should not allow ‘anyone’ to enter. Only then can honor be preserved, and its value shines even more when it is dedicated. 메이저놀이터

To do so, the selection criteria must be high. Everyone shouldn’t enter the Hall of Fame just because they’ve been MVP, they’ve been top scorers, and they’ve played a lot. Then, in the 40-year-old K-League, more than 100 people, 40 in each division, must be dedicated.

Obviously, they must be those who have made a clear ‘impact’ on the K-League or have made achievements that no one can follow. You shouldn’t be a person who says, ‘It’s difficult to enter the Hall of Fame like that’. Then the status of those who have already been ordained will be gnawed away.

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