“The player who disappeared like magic” Absurd ‘evaporation incident’ during the Barça game

“It disappeared like magic.”

The Daily Star, a British media outlet, said on the 3rd (Korean time), “During the match between Barcelona and Real Betis in the Spanish Primera Liga held on the 2nd, a player magically disappeared and then appeared soon after, causing controversy among soccer fans.” The full story

of the ‘evaporation incident’, in which Barcelona’s leading defender Ronald Araujo became the master of magic, is as follows:

Araujo, the Barcelona defender, kept the ball to prevent an opponent from penetrating the left side of the penalty area and tried to induce the goal line out. .In order to prevent the opponent from touching the ball, he succeeded in inducing the goal line out by holding on with his whole body, and eventually tripped on the opponent’s foot and slid to the board billboard behind the goalpost

. A suspicious ‘magic’ happened: Araujo’s upper body, which seemed to collide with the billboard while falling, disappeared from the billboard, and the last two legs disappeared as if they were being sucked into the billboard. 바카라사이트

Soon after, Araujo got up in front of the billboard and returned to the ground. He was enough to give the illusion that he was performing magic on the relay screen.

Soccer fans and viewers who saw scenes like “This is what the world is like” made the online space buzz, saying, “What the hell is going on?”

The Daily Star explained that it was an ‘happening caused by the technical characteristics of innovative billboards that applied virtual replacement technology’. Unlike the flat board format of the past, these days soccer field billboards are applied with cutting-edge technology that exposes advertisements in three-dimensional shapes on LED screens. Using this function, different broadcasters can expose their own advertisements, and it is said that it is also used to mark the finish line of horse racing.

Because of this, Araujo did not disappear into the billboard, but rather slipped into the virtual advertisement screen, creating an optical illusion as if it was being covered by the exposure screen and evaporated.

The Daily Star said, “Barcelona’s defender was momentarily outnumbered, but won 2-1 and maintained a solid first place.”

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