The PSG ‘newcomer’ has a solid reputation…despite underwhelming performances since joining the club

Ousmane Dembele, 26, has been underwhelming since his arrival this season. Despite the criticism, he has been praised by Luis Enrique (53) as a great talent and has a strong following.

Dembele returned to the French Ligue 1 after a seven-year absence when he left Barcelona for PSG in the summer transfer window, wearing the number 10, the number worn by Neymar (31), who left for Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia), and the ace number, which symbolizes the ace, and there was a lot of anticipation for the “French trio” of Kylian Mbappe (24) and Kolo Moani (24).

However, Dembele hasn’t been able to do much of anything since joining PSG. In fact, in five games across all competitions, he hasn’t scored a single attacking point. Considering the 12 goals PSG have scored in the process, it’s not unreasonable to expect an assist or two, but he hasn’t been involved in any of them.

Of course, attacking points aren’t everything, but given Dembele’s position and role, he’s expected to make daring dribble breaks from the flanks to rattle opposing defenses and create threatening chances, which he hasn’t done on several occasions. In five games, he has only 16 and 17 successful dribble breaks and chances created respectively. That’s a low number considering PSG is a dominant force in Ligue 1 and dominates every game. 먹튀검증

Instead, Dembele has been a liability in the attacking third, either trying to force his way off the dribble or unnecessarily breaking the tempo to keep losing possession. Through five games, he has lost possession a whopping 96 times. That’s an average of 19.2 times per game, which is why he’s been heavily criticized locally.

However, Dembele is likely to continue to start despite his sub-par performances, as he has a solid reputation. In fact, he was recently praised by Enrique, who said, “He can make three mistakes, but his play is more like magic. He’s a very good player (in terms of talent and skill), and I’m sure he’ll score soon”.

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