‘The supercomputer turned over’… EPL victory shocks Man City, Tottenham fall to 6th place

The English Premier League (EPL) game has changed.

Arsenal, which caused a sensation by running first place from the beginning of the season, is shaking. Arsenal have suffered two shocking draws in their last two matches. In the last 2 games, they all scored 2 goals and conceded 2 goals to draw. Liverpool on the 10th and West Ham on the 16th were the same.

Arsenal, who missed the win, faced fierce pursuit from second-placed Manchester City. Arsenal have only 74 points with one more game played, and Manchester City, who have played one less game, have 70 points. In fact, the difference in points should be considered as 1 point. It is the biggest crisis that has come to Arsenal, which is aiming for the championship in 19 years. 스포츠토토

In this situation, the prospect of supercomputers has also been overturned. The supercomputer, which until recently predicted Arsenal’s victory, also detected the recent situation. The winner was Manchester City, not Arsenal.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ released the final EPL rankings for this season as predicted by the supercomputer on the 17th (Korean time), with Man City in first place and Arsenal in second place.

Manchester United came in third, followed by Newcastle in fourth. Tottenham faced shocking results. It is expected to drop to 6th place. Fifth place is occupied by Brighton and Hove Albion. Liverpool finished 7th and Chelsea 11th.

Looking at the bottom ranks, Everton, Nottingham Forest and Southampton ranked 18th, 19th and 20th respectively.

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