This is how you start playing for real at the age of 22… Victims of dribbling testify one after another

Vinicius Junior is a very difficult player to block from a defender’s point of view.

Vinicius is one of the players showing top-notch performances this season. Based on his explosive speed and technique from the side, he tries to break through the dribble to harass the opposing side defender, and beyond creating opportunities, he is now equipped with the ability to score goals himself. When talking about who the world’s best left winger is at the moment, it’s hard to imagine Vinicius’ name being left out.

Based on his skills, he confidently occupies a starting position in Real Madrid, where the world’s best players gather. As a teenager in 2018-19, Vinicius joined Real Madrid with high expectations, and has developed over the course of several seasons to earn a place in the Real starting list. Vinicius, who is active not only in the league but also in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), scored the winning goal in the final against Liverpool last season and played a decisive role in helping Real win the tournament.

It would be terrifying to imagine facing Vinicius as a defender. There are not one or two side defenders who wake up to Vinicius’ dribble and have nose cuts. We gathered testimonies from victims(?) who were beaten by Vinicius in Britain’s ‘The Athletic’. 토토사이트

First of all, Real Sociedad defender Ariz Elustondo said, “Vinicius has to be blocked by the whole team, and there are times when you have to press and times when you don’t. He takes charge and tries to focus on not allowing Vinicius to catch the ball, but there are times when he can’t even get close to Vinicius. In the end, there is a situation where you have no choice but to take a risk and commit a foul on Vinicius.”

‘The Athletic’ conveyed Elustondo’s words, pointing out that Vinicius held the record for the most fouls in Europe’s top five leagues. Vinicius had been fouled 117 times as of the time the article was published.

Jorge Miramon, who now plays for Huesca and has faced Vinicius six times, said: “Vinicius is always a hindrance. He should give him some space and back off and defend. He’s better now than when I faced Vinicius. Vinicius is excellent, and even has mental strength,” he praised Vinicius.

In addition to the two players, the testimonies of players who had a difficult match against Vinicius, such as Carlos Acapo and Ivan Fresneda, continued. The players had no choice but to praise Vinicius in unison.

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