This player whom Kim Ha-seong praised himself… “He’s the best player in the world, but he’s humble”

Kim Ha-seong (28‧ San Diego) has already become a ‘star player’ in the hearts of San Diego fans. There is no fan who hates a player like this because he has excellent defense and plays at his best in everything. It has become a culture of Petco Park to chant ‘Ha-sung Kim’ whenever Ha-seong Kim enters the plate.

Kim Ha-seong is also showing some degree of adaptation to American culture as he has entered his third year in the major leagues. Kim Ha-seong, who made remarkable improvements in offense and top-notch defense last year, is playing as the team’s starting second baseman this year.

Ha-seong Kim said in a Q&A interview with ‘Valley Sports’, the team’s broadcaster, on the 8th (Korean time) about adapting to major league pitching, “As a hitter, everything in the major leagues moves more. “Everything is harder, everything is faster,” he said. “The way to follow is simple. It’s just practicing hard with 100% and working hard to improve every day.”

Then, regarding the difference between the Major League and the KBO League, “The scale is different. Like the size of a baseball field. The number of seats and the clubhouse are also different. “Everything here is good,” he said. “And so is getting the players to focus on baseball. Even in Korea, we are developing every year. Still, I think there is a lot to do,” he pointed out the difference.

Then, who is the teammate who can succeed in the KBO league, which has a completely different league culture? While the focus was on the question of adapting to the KBO League culture rather than the technical aspect, Ha-seong Kim talked about a player after thinking about it for a long time. It was the team’s key fielder, Fernando Tatis Jr. 메이저놀이터

Ha-seong Kim said, “I am Tatis Jr. It is because of his personality,” explaining the reason for the selection, “He is very active. Besides, he is humble. He’s one of the best players in the world, and he’s still humble. I think it fits really well with Korean culture. (Korea) is a bit conservative at times,” he said.

While emphasizing passionate play, the social culture itself is somewhat more conservative than the US. It is inevitable that seniors and juniors are considered more important than the United States. It can be explained by the explanation that the personality of Tatis Jr., who has both passion and humility, fits well on such a Korean stage.

Tatis Jr., who missed an entire season last year due to a wrist injury and a ban for taking banned substances, is preparing for a comeback by playing steadily in Triple A. Tatis Jr. is available from the team’s 21st game. The San Diego batting line is also expected to be complete with the return of Tatis Jr.

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