‘Three consecutive wins’ Bucheon, Busan catch up to 4 consecutive wins! Simultaneously aiming for ‘200 club total wins’

Bucheon FC 1995, who achieved 3 victories in a row, will go on to win 4 in a row.

Bucheon will go on an expedition with Busan I-Park in the 13th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023, which will be held on the 13th at 6:30 pm at the Busan Asiad Jugyeong Stadium.

Bucheon defeated the Jeonnam Dragons 5-2 in their home game in the 12th round, winning completely. Starters Khalil, Choi Jae-young, and Nilsson Jr. each scored one goal, while substitutes Lee Jung-bin and Park Ho-min scored consecutively, resulting in the most points of the season. With this, Bucheon showed off explosive attack power by recording 11 points in the last 3 games along with 3 consecutive wins in the league.

The upcoming Busan expedition is Bucheon’s last game in the first round robin, and it is an opponent that must be caught on the way to the top. Bucheon, who left 1 win in the first round robin ‘achieve 7 wins’ aimed by Bucheon coach Lee Young-min, has been undefeated in the last two seasons in Busan (1 win, 1 draw in 2021 season, 2 wins in 2022 season), and is full of confidence. I am determined to go to the game.

Bucheon scored 20 goals in 11 games after the opening, with tremendous offensive power. He ranks second in the league with 15 team assists as well as leading the league in scoring. In the Busan expedition, Bucheon plans to promote organized game operation through team play and organic passing.

There is another reason why a win against Busan is essential. This match is Bucheon’s 400th professional match, and if they win, Bucheon will record their 200th win in history. 먹튀검증

The player to note in the Busan expedition is midfielder Lee Jung-bin. Lee Jung-bin was replaced in the last round against Jeonnam and led the game. He recorded one goal and two assists, including a 45m wonder goal recorded near the half-line. Lee Jeong-bin, who is gradually increasing his playing time after returning from injury, is expected to help Bucheon develop a smooth attack with active activity in the midfield during the Busan expedition.

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