Ulsan, where the leader of “KKK” is also a star, communicates openly with fans

10th year in office. There is another star in Ulsan Hyundai. It is Kim Kwang-guk, the leader of ‘KKK’.

Ulsan last year won the league’s third star in 17 years since 2005. Head coach Hong Myung-bo’s player control and leadership, captain Lee Chung-yong’s players’ earnestness and performance, and fans’ aspirations all came together to finally solve the win. And the efforts of the secretariat, which always listened to the opinions of fans while supporting the athletes both physically and mentally, cannot be left out. With General Manager Kim Gwang-guk standing at the forefront, the famous Ulsan team stood tall both on and off the field.

Ulsan is fully prepared to keep the position of defending champion. On the 25th, at 2:00 PM, 6 days before the home opener against Jeonbuk Hyundai, we held a stadium open training and ceremony for the first time since the foundation.

On this day, about 2,000 fans who applied through an online contract in advance gathered at the Munsu Soccer Stadium, the tiger’s den, to see the players. Director Kim Kwang-guk stepped out in front of the fans.

The reason he took the microphone was the ban on outside food on the day of the game, which was a hot topic among Ulsan fans recently. 보증놀이터 Ulsan opened various food and beverage outlets to solve the food problem during home games. It opened on the 19th during the launch ceremony.

General Manager Kim Kwang-guk said, “As a fan of Ulsan, I promised that I would feel proud and give you happiness. With the wishes of the fans, we are finally able to keep that promise.”

Later, through reporters, director Kim Gwang-guk said, “It is not our intention to completely control outside food. Businesses located within the stadium only have 20 business days out of 365 days. It means guaranteeing goodwill. This is why we prepared as many different foods as possible,” he said. “There may be children who need to be careful about food or people who care about taking care of their bodies, but we shouldn’t (control) that. According to FIFA regulations, we plan to conduct more thorough inspections on beverages with lids or items with risk factors. We will monitor the situation and improve gradually.”

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