‘Unknown → UCL 6 people who became groundbreaking stars’… who? ‘Ransom price quadrupled’ Including Kim Min-jae, of course!

The 2022-23 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) is heading to its end.

There are now 4 teams left. Manchester City and Real Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan. In the first leg of the semifinals, Manchester City and Real Madrid drew 1-1, while Inter Milan defeated AC Milan 2-0. Now UCL is heading to the long-awaited finals, waiting for the strongest team to emerge.

But the UCL is not a winner’s tournament. As it is the best competition in Europe, many stars were born on this stage. This trend continued into this season. There are players who have made their names known worldwide through UCL in unknown players. There are 6 people in total.

England’s ‘The Football Faithful’ reported, “UCL is the biggest stage in club football. New faces have emerged as stars this season as well. We have selected 6 breakthrough stars who emerged from UCL this season.”

Min-jae Kim, the protagonist of Napoli’s sensation, cannot be left out of this list. Napoli, which Kim Min-jae endured, was the first team in the history of the club to reach the quarterfinals of the UCL.

The media explained, “Kim Min-jae signed a contract with Napoli to replace Kalidou Koulibaly this season. Kim Min-jae completely filled the void, and Napoli won the Serie A title. Kim Min-jae is a key figure in Napoli.” .

“Napoli’s offensive football fascinated European fans this season, but it was Kim Min-jae who provided the foundation for Naples strikers to bombard. His ransom value rose four times this season,” he highly praised Kim Min-jae. . 메이저놀이터

Hvica Kvarazhelia cannot be left out in the Naples storm. Kvarachhelia was also proudly listed on the list of six.

The media said, “Kvarachhelia is difficult to pronounce. The Georgian winger became a hot topic in Europe this season. He played a big role in helping Napoli win the league title after 33 years and reach the quarterfinals of the UCL. 22 years old ‘s Kvarazhelia was a decisive weapon in Napoli’s success and showed a threatening presence in Europe. He scored 2 goals and 4 assists in 9 UCL matches.”

Napoli is the only team to produce more than two of the six-man roster. The other four were selected, including defender Antonio Silva (Benfica), midfielders Mohamed Kudus, Mihailo Mudrik (Chelsea), and Ferran Hutlga Blanc (Club Brugge).

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