“Upgrade your defense with Kim Ha-seong” Ryu Hyun-jin? Toronto trade ‘surprise target’

TSN in Canada has released a list of players the Toronto Blue Jays could acquire ahead of the trade deadline on March 2. It’s extensive. There are 14 starting pitchers, 16 relievers, 10 right-handed power hitters, and seven surprise splashes.

On the 47-man list is Ha-Sung Kim (San Diego Padres). He joins Tim Anderson, Eloy Jimenez (Chicago White Sox), Tommy Edmon (St. Louis Cardinals), Cody Bellinger (Chicago Cubs), Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander (New York Mets) in the “Surprise Splash” category.

That translates to unexpected, surprise targets. The truth is, Toronto’s biggest need is a solid ace. Hyun-jin Ryu just started his rehab start in the Rookie League today, and Alec Manoa is set to return to the majors on Aug. 8. However, it’s very difficult to predict their second half performance at this point. There are too many variables. 메이저사이트주소

It’s also worth noting that Toronto could use some power hitting reinforcements. However, Kim doesn’t seem to be that type of player. Furthermore, Toronto has solid cards in shortstop Bo Bissett, third baseman Matt Chapman, and second baseman Whit Merrifield. Bissett and Merrifield have also produced well at the plate this season, meaning that Ha-Sung Kim would have a tough time finding a starting spot in Toronto.

Still, as TSN notes, “Kim is having his best season in the majors at age 27. Similar to Anderson and Edmon, he brings a glove to the keystone. His defense would be a huge upgrade, and he has a good track record against lefties.”

It would be exciting to see Ha-Sung Kim in Toronto with Hyun-Jin Ryu, even for a short time. Realistically, though, it’s hard to see Toronto acquiring Kim in a trade. It’s more likely that TSN is just making a list. It’s more of an indication that the Jays’ presence has increased throughout the major leagues.

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