“Waiting for a good test” Incheon… Will it be the ACL’s ‘last puzzle’?

In recent seasons, Incheon’s nickname has been ‘remaining king’. This is because they repeatedly competed for relegation throughout the season and survived dramatically at the last minute. But the losing season was different. Under the direction of coach Cho Seong-hwan, Incheon maximized their organizational power and fought for the top ranks with outstanding performance.

Incheon advanced to Final A after 9 years and aimed to qualify for the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL). Incheon finished the season in 4th place and was unable to obtain a ticket on its own. However, as Jeonbuk, who finished second in the league, defeated Seoul in the FA Cup and won the championship, Incheon achieved the great goal of advancing into the ACL for the first time in its founding. 토토사이트

Incheon, which is taking on a ‘great challenge’, is actively reinforcing players. Paul Jose Mpoku, who became a hot topic from Tottenham Youth, was recruited, and Gerso, who performed outstandingly in Jeju last season, was also embraced. Shin Jin-ho, who did not stop here and won the K-League Best MF last season, also wore an Incheon uniform. Incheon even signed a new contract with Lee Myung-joo to strengthen the squad.

The last puzzle Incheon is aiming for is Mugosa. Mugosa has been at the forefront of Incheon since 2018. Mugosa has grown into a leading foreign striker in the K-League with his goal-making skills and sincere movements. He scored in double digits in all but the 2021 season, when he had difficulty adjusting his condition due to Corona 19.

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