What will Lee Yong look like when he returns to Jeonju Fortress?

On the 21st (Sun), Jeonbuk Hyundai and Suwon FC in the 14th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium will have an unavoidable bout to recapture the 6th place, the last line of the top split.
A fierce match is expected, and a man wearing a Suwon FC uniform with special feelings for Jeonbuk visits Jeonju Castle. It is the national team veteran fullback Lee Yong (36 years old).

Lee Yong, who opened the second heyday in Jeonbuk

In December 2016, a trade that shook the K-League was concluded. It was the news of the 3-2 trade between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai. Jeonbuk completed a large-scale trade under the condition that the best rookie defenders at the time, Choi Gyu-baek (Daejeon Korail), Kim Chang-soo (Cheonan), and Lee Jong-ho (Seongnam) were given to Ulsan for central defenders Lee Jae-seong and Lee Yong (Suwon FC).

Lee Yong, who was discharged from Sangmu at the time, left Ulsan, where he had been involved since his rookie days, and headed for Jeonbuk, where he actively courted him, and made his first transfer in his life. Lee Yong took the upper hand in the internal competition with Choi Cheol-soon (Jeonbuk) and started from the first round under the full trust of coach Choi Kang-hee (Shandong Taishan).

Lee Yong, who played in a new team with full confidence under a new coach, was also on the national team and seemed to be facing a new heyday in Jeonbuk. However, after being discharged from the military, the hernia injury that he thought he had recovered from recurred, and he fell into a swamp of long rehabilitation. Lee Yong, who moved to Japan, tried to return to the field through rehabilitation training after surgery, but due to constant pain, he ended up going to Germany with team physical therapist Jiuban Oliveira (Jeonbuk) and risking the player’s life.

Fortunately, Lee Yong overcame the injury, but he only played 8 league games in the first year of the transfer, and he had to finish the season disappointingly as he was away from the national team list, which had been steadily boarded at the same time as he struggled in internal competition.

In a situation where everything was far away due to an injury, Lee Yong did not give up. Lee Yong was extremely proud and devoted himself to exercise to make a twist in the 2018 season.

The desperate Lee Yong will have the best year of the 2018 season. Lee Yong, who successfully revived his team in Jeonbuk, played 32 league games and contributed 9 assists (3rd in personal assistance), making a big contribution to the achievement of winning early right before entering the first split round. Following the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, opening his second heyday.

Afterwards, Lee Yong played as Jeonbuk’s starting right fullback in the 2019 and 2020 seasons, helping his team win the league. In Jeonbuk, the team where coach Choi Kang-hee left, he was trusted by coach Jose Morais (Sepahan), and even in the national team position where coach Tae-yong Shin left, he was trusted by coach Paulo Bento and played a big role in his team and national team, making his name widely known as a veteran fullback.
In the 2021 season, Lee Yong, who was fully trusted by coach Kim Sang-sik, was in good shape, helping his team win the championship by posting 2 assists in 25 league matches, and in the final qualifying round, the final road to the Qatar World Cup, he was fully trusted by coach Bento and was in good health. notified

Due to his brilliant performance in Jeonbuk, Lee Yong-do, who was serving as the eldest brother in Jeonbuk and the national team, came to an ordeal. As Kim Mun-hwan, who competed in the national team in the 2022 season, was recruited to Jeonbuk, coach Kim Sang-sik began to ignore him in earnest. Lee Yong, who was unable to play due to an injury at the beginning of the season, began to be pushed back by Kim Moon-hwan in his team, and showed a disappointing performance at the national team call in June in a state of injury and lack of game sense, and his position in his team and national team was shaken.

In line with the change in his position in his team, Lee Yong, who was put on a red light to participate in the World Cup, eventually chose to part with Jeonbuk, whom he had been fond of for six and a half seasons. Lee Yong, who left Jeonbuk through the summer transfer market, went on loan to Suwon FC. Lee Yong, who chose a loan transfer, entered the game with the trust of coach Kim Do-gyun, but it was difficult to change the mind of Bento. In the end, the long-awaited 2022 World Cup in Qatar failed.

Lee Yong, whose lease with Suwon ended, returned to Jeonbuk for the 2023 season, and when he did not feel a change in his position in his team, he said goodbye to Jeonbuk, who he was proud to be his last team. Lee Yong’s Jeonbuk story was like a movie. Due to his injury, his player life was at stake, and after overcoming the injury, he enjoyed a World Cup appearance and league championship through great success. Although the final moments in Jeonbuk were disappointing, Lee Yong’s performance and dedication shown in Jeonbuk for six and a half seasons were enough to capture the hearts of Jeonbuk fans.

Jeonju Castle, who came as an enemy rather than an ally, what would Lee Yong look like?

Contrary to concerns, Lee Yong, who wore the Suwon FC uniform this season as well as last season, is showing off his good health and is making great strides. As of the 13th round, he has scored 1 goal in 9 appearances in the league and is firmly guarding the right side of Suwon. In addition to this, Lee Yong is active as the core of the air defense link, taking second place in the TOP 5 rankings of K-League 1 packing data in April. 토토사이트

Lee Yong, who recently missed the game due to an adductor muscle injury, but is likely to return through the Jeonbuk match on the 21st, was given a mission to bring victory against his former team, Jeonbuk. An even fiercer match is expected as the winning team can climb to the 6th place, which is the last line where the right to advance to the top split is given depending on the match results between Daejeon Hana Citizen and Daegu FC.

With a fierce match expected, what will Lee Yong and Jeonbuk fans look like when he goes on his first expedition to Jeonju in a Suwon uniform? Let’s pay attention to the match between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Suwon FC at Jeonju World Cup Stadium this weekend.

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