When you hit a home run, you win 75.6% of the time. Leading the league in home runs in August. Harder in the heat. The #1 team in batting average made up for a 2% deficit in long ball.

It’s a sweltering summer.

The LG Twins are on fire in August. The home runs are coming.

Despite leading the league in batting average (2.084) and scoring the most runs (545), LG has been uncharacteristically low on home runs this season. Through 98 games, they have only 59 home runs. That’s 0.6 per game, which puts them in sixth place, behind first-place SSG Landers (85 in 97 games, 0.88 per game). Last year, LG was third overall with 118, showing off its long ball power while playing in Jamsil Stadium, but home runs have been hard to come by this season.

The lack of big hits has made it difficult for me to relax. The team often scored runs through hitting and maneuvering, and the ironclad mound kept them in the game.

But in August, LG changed that. In 10 games, he hit 12 home runs. At 1.2 per game, they ranked first overall. He hit a home run in nine games, excluding the game against the Jamsil Kiwoom Heroes on the 2nd. Has homered in eight straight games. Has the longest home run streak on the team. Previously, LG’s longest streak was four games.

The home runs are playing an important role in the team’s victories. On the 1st against Kiwoom, Moon Bo-kyung’s game-winning two-run shot in the bottom of the third inning after falling behind 0-1 turned the tide and won the game 4-2, and on the 3rd against Kiwoom, Park Dong-won’s celestial tying two-run shot in the bottom of the ninth inning after falling behind 2-4, and Jung Joo-hyun’s game-winning hit in the bottom of the 12th inning in extra innings won the game.

On the 9th against the Gwangju KIA Tigers, Kim Min-sung showed the strength of a veteran in his first at-bat in the bottom of the second inning, taking the first pitch from Lee Yi-ri for the game-winning two-run shot. Against Kiwoom on the 11th, Kim Hyun-soo hit the game-winning two-run shot in the eighth inning when the score was tied 3-3, and on the 13th, Park Dong-won hit the game-winning solo shot, followed by Austin and Hong Chang-ki, who each hit a solo shot, creating a three-cannon home run show.

It’s also positive to note that it wasn’t just a few players who hit home runs. Austin hit three, Moon Bo-kyung and Kim Hyun-soo each hit two, Park Dong-won hit one, and Kim Min-sung, Hong Chang-ki, and Moon Sung-ju each hit one. That’s seven different players. 스포츠토토

LG had a high probability of winning when they hit a home run. In 98 games, there were 42 games in which they hit a home run, of which they won 31 games, tied 10 games, and had a winning percentage of 7.56%. That’s a lot of home runs for a team to win.

With the home runs flowing, LG is in first place with an 8-2 record in August. With a steady two-hitter and increased power, the team is looking to become a more complete team.

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